Crystallized magic size 0-9


Allows the holder to prepare or use one additional arcane spell. The level of spell is dependent on the size of the crystal. Size 0 crystals, little bigger then a pebble, grants access to another cantrip, with bigger crystals holding high spell level spells.. A wizard may prepare an additional spell the same way the prepare other spells and a sorcerer may cast one more spell per day of the same level of the crystal. A wizard may prepare a new spell if the crystal is not used when preparing spells for the next day. All other components must be present for the spell to work, and the crystal is consumed in the process of using it to power a spell.


Crystallized magic is only found in the mines of Shagret, the city owned by Anbraxasthe red. Anbraxas does not care for the crystals and allows them to be traded to merchants for other resources like food, allowing his kobolds to focus mostly on mining.

Crystallized magic size 0-9

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