Magic in Thary

Magic in Thary can be structured as the most strict university of magic or as chaotic as the most anarchist sorcerer. There are more places to study magic in the world that rarely do people learning in the arts never find a teacher.

Arcane Magic

For Arcane magic most families will send their children to the local Laymen mage. All Universities, save a handful, send mages to towns and villages in hopes of recruiting more mages to their colleges. Not all mages belong to universities, but the vast majority do and they enjoy the benefits of having a powerful organization willing to spend resources for their needs.

Universities and colleges of Magic

College of the upper stars
University of the Twin Moons
University of the High sorcery
The Living Emperor’s Imperial College
Lords of the Elemental Arts

Divine Magic

Divine magic is taught by the clergy and druids, the gods and natura’s representatives on this plane. The chosen move along their flocks in search of those willing and able to take up their gods calling.
Religious Organizations
The Balm of Rynitia
Mercy of Vita
The Might of Vorishin
The Truth-seekers of Verum
Xanas’ Guardians
Zenith’s Wings



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