Gods of Thary

The families of the gods in Thary are in a near constant state of tension. On the one hand you have the Senuxus, the oringal family of gods created at the beginning of the multiverse, and the Inceptum, mortals elevated to godhood by the Deluge, against the Natura, the living embodiment of the mortal world, also known as the Fey lords.

During the various holy days of the gods, they send Aspects of themselves to the mortal world. Imbued with a fraction of the deities power, it is the only portion of themselves allowed on the material plane. The Aspects are allowed to walk for three days, the day before, day of, and day after their holy day. The Natura, however, being so closely linked with Thary, may come and go as they please.

The names of the gods on this page reflect the Ovedians naming conventions, the dominate civilization on Thary. Other empires and nations will have other names, or even exclude gods altogether from their pantheon which will be detailed on those nations pages. (Note: An Example of this would be Genero and Junnosuke. These are both names for differing aspects of the same deity, and may even grant different domains. In terms of person, they are however the same being).

Beings far beyond the ken of mortals, the old gods may be mostly forgotten but are hardly gone. Most are still involved in the day to day affairs of divine politics, though mostly in the back grounds. Often times a Senuxus will find that they have been demoted in the minds of their former worshipers into saints or archangels in the devotion of the new gods.

The Inceptum are the most riveting success stories on Thary. Powerful mortals, they are some of the few who saw positive changes brought on by the Deluge. Elevated to the status of gods, they gained extreme powers, some being more powerful than the Senuxus. When they won the Divine Wars in the heavens and hells of the world they all but replaced the Senuxus as the gods of worship. Some Senuxus chose to stand with the Inceptum, while others refused to participate. Others were enraged by the new comers and usurpers of divine power and to this day scheme to steal back the worship and adoration of their former followers.

Alien. Beautiful. Chaotic. These are a few of the words that could be used to describe the Natura. These beings, some call them the Fey lords or the Lords of Fairy, are the primal sources of the natural world. Each Natura represents various aspects of nature, a season or time of day, or even a type of terrain or an element of nature. The two main courts are usually at odds with each other, much like the Senuxus and the Inceptum, but much more willing to work together. One thing that the courts and the gods share is a hatred of the other. The gods would love nothing more than to see the worshipers of the Natura converted to their own churches, and the Natura would take great pleasure in watching the gods houses burn. Most of the worshipers of the Natura are druids, but clerics are not unknown.

Name Family Alignment Portfolio Domains
Aetas Senuxus N Time Oracle, Time
Demans Senuxus CN Madness Madness
Despero Senuxus CE Despair Madness
Excito Senuxus N Reality Force
Fatum Senuxus LN Fate Fate
Genero Senuxus NG Creation Craft, Creation, Good
Irritus Senuxus NE Void, Nothingness Illusion, Destruction
Laetitia Senuxus CG Delight Joy, Pleasure
Nex Senuxus LE Death Death, Evil
Reproba Senuxus NE Lies Greed
Sapen Senuxus N Knowledge, Wisdom Mentalism
Sepelio Senuxus CE Destruction Destruction
Solvolo Senuxus NG Free will Liberation
Somnium Senuxus N Dreams Dreams
Verum Senuxus LG Truth Law, Knowledge
Vita Senuxus LG Life Good, Summoner
Zenith Senuxus N Dragons, Dragonkind Dragon
Botuna Inceptum CG Good luck, Chance Pleasure, Joy, Luck, Good
Comficus Inceptum CN Chaotic magic, Sorcerers Chaos, Knowledge, Magic
Morcrud Inceptum NE Disease, Plague, Pestilence Evil, Disease, Deathbound, Pestilence
Mulifus Inceptum LN Magic, Order Law, Knowledge, Magic
Peiotuna Inceptum CE Bad luck, greed Chaos, Evil, Luck, Greed
Rynitia Inceptum NG Healing, Birth, Life Good, Healing, Renewal, Restoration
Shenara Inceptum N Nature Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Ocean, Storm, Water
Tyranex Inceptum LE Tyranny, Law, Obedience Evil, Law, Tyranny, Wrath
Vorishin Inceptum LG Freedom, Valor, Good Lawful, Good, Glory, War
Adara Natura N Air, Wind, Storms Air, Storm
Auboron Natura N Sun, Spring, Summer, Nature, Fey Sun, Fey, Fire
Banning Natura LN Deserts Earth, Fire, Halfling, Kobold, Sand
Bidelian Natura CN Water, Lake, Ocean, Water animals Water, Wrath
Cairine Natura N Ocean, Reefs, Sea animals Ocean, Black water, Seafolk
Calhoon Natura N Plants,Summer, renew Elves, Plants, Purification, Summer
Catriona Natura N Desert, Desert animals Animal, Earth, Fire, Halfling, Kobold, Sand
Cayden Natura NE Moon, Dusk Moon, Fey, Orc
Collice Natura N Forests, Jungles, Animals Earth, Elf, Plant
Corcoran Natura N Earth, Stones, Gems Earth, Darkness, Dwarf
Donelly Natura CE Night, Moon, Chaos Moon, Fey, Orc
Edana Natura N House fires, Fires in settled areas Fire, Destruction
Errigal Natura N Air, Sky, Flying, Storms Air, Travel
Fagan Natura N Fire, Burning, Death by fire Fire, Wrath
Gannon Natura N Ocean Water, Ocean, Storm
Ghilchrist Natura N Forests, Jungles, Animals Earth, Elves, Plants
Glenna Natura N Earth, Animals Animal, Dwarf, Earth
Keeland Natura N Flying, Animals, Weather Air, Travel
Mackay Natura N Autumn, Darkness, Revelry Death, Planning
Malvina Natura N Plants, Spring, Renew Plant, Restoration, Renewal
Ninian Natura N Plants, Spring, Renew Plant, Purification, Renewal
Rhoswen Natura N Autumn, Darkness, Revelry Dream, Illusion
Sabd Natura N Plants, Summer, Renew Elf, Plant, Purification, Summer
Sine Natura N Air, Storms Air, Storms
Sorcha Natura N Winter, Ice Cold, Illusion, Death, Winter
Taggert Natura N Winter, Darkness, Death Cold, Storm, Death, Winter
Titania Natura N Dawn, Sun Sun, Fey, Healing
Tynan Natura CN Water, Lake, Ocean, Water Animals Water, Planning

Gods of Thary

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