Adventures in Thary

Adventures as of 7-15-15

Getting back to Oveda, the party agrees that hiding the refugees with Sonny is the best idea, having them skulk about in the sewers under the city with the friendly warforged and Etir while Saneic hides nearby to keep an eye on them all in case something happens. Khyber and Amren stay above ground by the entrance to the sewers and pretend to be beggars while Shar, Shyr, Zarik and Draka all go to Opiters home to discuss the warforged threat. While attempting to convince Opiter of the threat and existence of the sentient constructs, Draka lets slip the existence of Sonny and his hide away in the sewers.

Opiter is horrified to hear of a potential threat living right underneath the city and demands to be taken to the creatures lair to slay it, but the party manages to calm him down and stall him, telling him they will take him to it later after making sure Sonny is still there, to which Opiter reluctantly agrees too. As the party makes ready to leave however, Opiter asks Shyr to stay behind to talk to him in private. The Aasimer consents and tells the party he will meet up with them later, to which the set right away to sneaking back into the room to snoop in on the conversation. They over hear Opiter telling Shyr about the brewing war in Aissur with the Eyvar and that he trusts his youngest sibling will do his duty. They also hear Shyr tell Opiter that he is not his commanding officer anymore and that what he does and does not do is of no concern to him before leaving hastily. Rejoining the party, they make their way to the sewers.

On their way, Shyr, Saneic, and Zarik ask Draka what he was thinking, telling Opiter about Sonny. Draka explaining that it was the only sure fire way of convincing the half celestial sun elf about the very real threat. When Shyr tells Draka that Opiter will probably kill the warforged, Draka states confused about how a cleric could slay a creature that is clearly not evil, to which Shyr retorts that his brother is no cleric, as Draka grows silent.

Getting to the sewers and to the other party members they inform everyone what had happened at Opiter’s home, the party incredulous that Draka could be so trusting of a previously very hostile individual. Draka defends his actions, saying they were the easiest and quickest way of showing the threat was real and possibly saving more lives. Sonny finally speaks up and says he agrees with Draka’s sentiments, and that perhaps it was time for him to take his leave of the city anyway. The party, shocked, ask if he will go with them instead to which he states no, he plans to go off and find answers for why his memory seems to be malfunctioning. Saddened by his decision but ultimately respecting his wishes, everyone tells him goodbye and good luck, to which Sonny assures the party they will see him again.

With Sonny gone, Draka gets Opiter and leads him to the warforge’s old nook, and although Sonny himself is not there, there is enough evidence for the guard captain to take the threat seriously and start preparing for possible threats from inside the kingdom.

Taking their leave from the sewers, everyone starts to head to Draka’s home for a night rest when Shyr stops them, informing them that he may not be able to continue staying with them either. Shocked, they ask why, to which he explains that as a cleric of the goddess of valor, if there is war brewing in Aissur, then he must go their and answer the call to battle. The party stands quiet, trying to wrestle with the knowledge of losing two friends in one day when Zarik asks Shyr if he has taken a pilgrimage yet. Shyr blinks confused and then widens his eyes in realization, saying that no, he had not and was due one which would allow him to stall the order to ship to Aissur for a year before telling the party he would meet them at the house and rushing off to his church.

Later that night, the cleric comes back, tired but happy to note that he was granted his request and for the time being would continue traveling with them, as they make plans to head out tomorrow morning to again try to get the halflings and their ‘cargo’ to safety…

Adventures as of 6-18-15

The party stays the night with the survivors of the caravan in the basement of one of the husks of a burnt out ruin. Etir asking Sonny in private if he can craft a weapon that would shoot out a pressurized liquid, and he agrees, though they keep these plans secret from the rest of the party. Nightmares abound by all the survivors, including Khyber. The nightmares go so far as to intrude into Etir’s already damaged mind and cause him to live nightmares that he never even experienced.

During night watch, on Saneic’s shift a strange being appears in the village when clouds block the moon. Going quiet she wakes everyone up, and in his haste to neutralize the target, Zarik casts a bands of steel, causing steel to wrap around and immobilize the target. It seems to work until the clouds reappear and when they vanish so has the creature. However it reappears right in from of Draka, inches from his face. It resembles a corpse and a dead tree somehow stitched together and its red eyes and slitted pupils cause an uneasy wave to sweep the party.

Zarik and Shar both notice the creature is very similar to a creature they have heard of. A corpse walker, an unseelie fey who is usually found around areas of mas graves and other places that would have a huge amount of death. Attempts to communicate with it leave much to be desired as it remains silent. Using a mind reading spell that he knows, Etir draws the creatures attention, who vanishes and rematerializes right in front of him.

Either intentionally or because of the spell, Etir is forced to experience every single death that the corpse walker witnessed or had been around, causing him mind to buckle and break under the strain from so much at once, as he fumbles into the fetal position.

The party rushes to his defense but he quickly recovers, shaken but no worse for wear as he explains that it was his own fault. It then transports to Saneic and gestures at her with its hand. Confused, she attempts to hand over a crystal she was carrying. It grabs the hand with the crystal, dumps the crystal out of her hand, and draws an image on her hand before vanishing.

Looking at the symbol Shar sees that its the druidic word for fire, but without context that it would be used in, she is unsure if it means good or ill. But with Saneic’s sister still on the run and at power, she removes the glove and washes off the combination of blood and sap the corpse walker left on her.

Getting to a village they set up for camp, discussing what their next move would be. Quizing Sonny on the war forged, he quickly realizes that some of the data he had had access to was missing, and the party grows slightly concerned that he may have been comprised, but decide to keep trusting him until he violates that trust. The party begins to split up for the night, Shyr continuing a painting of the first time he set eyes on Dnaleri from the ship he sailed from. He offers the homesick druid Shar to inquire with church friends about the state of the island, to which Shar thanks him.

The party ultimately decides to go back the Oveda to warn them of the war forged. On the way there they start hearing rumors of war breaking out between the Eyvar and Oveda, though the rumors are currently unconfirmed. They enter the city and plan to take to Shyr’s less then receptive older brother, captain of the guard and decorated war veteran Opiter Pullo Planta….

Adventures in Thary as they stand
A recently started current story of how our adventures go.

Game as it stands 5-25-15

The party begins preparations to accompany a caravan of halflings as they transport a number of political refuges from Oveda to the southern portion of the continent. The day before leaving the realize that Sonny is missing and go looking for him.

They find him outside the temple district, watching the goings and leavings of people as they tend to their spiritual lives. Khyber goes with him into one of the churches, as the keep him obscured under both his own robe and Boney’s robe, which he stole while the party was distracted.

The next day they set out and after traveling for several days come upon a completely ransacked and obliterated village. The entire population, people and animals, were dead, every humanoid desecrated in nauseating ways. While searching the wreckage for clues and survivors, a single war-forged arm was found.

Scattering the party to search the woods to see if any could be found, Khyber quickly comes under attack by a number of the creatures. As the party rushed to her side, the quickly put down the disturbingly calm and collected enemies. Returning to the caravan however reveals almost all of it ripped to shreds and slaughtered.

A few survivors, getting away because of their size and hiding ability describe what happened to them. A few of the prisoners are still alive and the party is now left in the middle of the woods, holding a war forged body to send back to the capital city to warn them of the impending attack…


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