Staff of Amaliel


All abilities have a five hundred foot radius centered on the staff wielder.

Banishes all outsiders to their native realm, including fey back to the feywild, no saving throw allowed.

Any creature that has outsider heritage takes on a number of negative levels equal to half of their current level, rounded up.

Divine spell casters find their spells unavailable. In addition, any action they take requires a Fortitude save (DC: 15+users level) as the pain of the severing makes focusing on their actions difficult.


The origins of the staff are lost to time, knowledge of it’s beginning wiped out during the Deluge and the following era of chaos. In fact there are no reports of its existence before the Deluge.

The staff itself is black and glossy as if crafted from a single massive piece of obsidian, topped of with the figures of celestial, demonic, infernal, and fey weeping over a single large unworked gemstone of red that glows with it’s own brilliance.

Staff of Amaliel

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