Fey-demon emissary


With a flash of light in the form of a door, a man steps towards you. His eyes are a dark brown, almost black, but burning with an intensity that causes ice to grip your throat. His short blond hair is almost white with a hint of yellow, cropped close to his head. He has an almost elegant if not stiff way of moving, as if every movement is carefully thought about before being thrown out without a care. Dressed in crystal armor that seems to hold a raging storm inside, his spear rests in his hand as he points at you.

Waltru is a very old Fey Demon, one of the first of his kind. He follows the rule of the law of his lord and does as he wishes to the letter. However, he will take his own initiative in matters not forbidden to him by his lord.

He takes his name for the druidic word for Death, and indeed has the blood of many on his hands. However, none of these deaths weigh on him as he has long ago shut down his emotions and indeed feels nothing. He would as eagerly slide his blade into your chest as offer you a seat.


Adventures in Thary Kaean