Volcatius Tettius Planta

Shyr's oldest sister


The first thing you notice of this sun elf from behind is her wings, white and feathered, held close to her body almost unnaturally close. Turning at the sound of footsteps on the marble tile she offers a quick tight-lipped smiles. Her golden eyes, identical to Opiter’s glance over all of you, resting on each before moving on. Her long silver hair held up in an elaborate braid is held away from her face.
“Ah, youngest brother. I heard you where in the city. I am honored you accepted my invitation to visit me. I am at yours, and your compatriots, service. Please anything you need, do not hesitate to ask me.”


Volcatius is Shyr’s oldest sister and the families second oldest child. She is highly educated and refined, enjoying studying long dead civilizations and even the barbarian ones still around (barbarian here meaning everything non Ovedian). While her feelings for Shyr are not as extreme as Opiter’s their would never be anything called familial warmth between them, and more of a chilled politeness.

Volcatius Tettius Planta

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