Viorun is an ancient and powerful demon, having existed since before the Deluge. His titles include the Devourer, Lord of the Undead, and the Watcher. Indeed it was Viorun who taught mortals to raise the undead in that mockery of life that is undeath. The cold that many people say the feel from the undead is actually the creature siphoning energy and power to Viorun. While few now still alive know of the origins of necromancy, it is true to say that the school of magic as it is would not exist without him.

He, however, does not care about the undead, seeing them merely as a means to an end. He cares even less for his mortal cultists, desiring only for them to complete his orders and fulfill his desires on the mortal plane. Those who serve well are rewarded with trifles to him, but great boons to the practitioners. The failures however, are better left to the imagination…

Recently (for him) he has been trying to break into the material plane and spread his influence and power to become a god in his own right. To this end he has been slowly progressing on an old ritual that has allowed lesser demons and devils to step foot on Thary many a time. By having enough mortal descendants of his bloodline gather in one place and enact the ritual to weaken the boarders between the worlds, it would allow him to step foot onto the plane of mortals in his full and terrible splendor.

To this end he has ordered cultists to offer up women for him to have to spread his seed and to nurture his children. When the children are of age they begin having their own children, spreading the taint of the demon further and helping more of his blood and power seep into our world.


Adventures in Thary Kaean