The Smiling Man


A hooded figure stands before you, head cocked to the side as he gazes in your direction. You cannot see his face, the shadows of his hood blocking out light, stopping even magical vision from seeing into the depths. A quick moment of watching and he quickly pulls back the hood. A gnomish face looks at you with a grin, producing several glasses and a bottle of strange green liquid. “You folk look like you could a tall stiff drink. Aye?”

The smiling man is a fey creature, powerful enough to remain neutral in party politics and even have a permanent place of safety in the mortal realm. A bar that moves around to wherever he decides to have it go, so long as there is a three or four road cross-way in that location.

He has a special interest in Saneic due to her being half mortal and staying unaligned. Very dangerous for half fey although she has no idea being relatively unknown. And being unaligned and unknown means she can travel anywhere and everywhere with nary any notice.

The Smiling Man

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