Thalgrac Bronzespine


From above on the throne an elderly but strong looking metal dwarf gazes down on you, his eyes hard as steel and his beard, braided, reaching almost to his feet. He does not speak but motions for one of the dwarves in the throne room, who approaches you with a contemptuous look on his face. “The king would have you speak, but be careful of what you say for he has ways of ferreting out untruths and deceptions.”

Thalgrac Bronzepspine is the king of the Dwarven mine city of Dheg Kuldir. An older dwarf but one who is still very formidable, he chafes at the Empire’s rules and legislations but tolerates it as he must. He and the empire have a very prosperous relationship and because of this he tends to be heard extolling the virtues of being members of the empire as opposed to being disgusted with it as he is inside.


Thalgrac Bronzespine

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