Pyriel is an angel in the service of Vorishin , along with Shyr’s great great great great grandmother on his mother’s side. A fierce and valiant angel, she serves her god unerringly and tolerates no evil or disloyalty from subordinates or mortals. While praying to other good and even some neutral gods is tolerated by her, she will not allow followers to issue any thanks to the powers of darkness.

She holds great disdain for dragons and their god, seeing their wide spectrum of alignments as proof of their unwillingness to help the world and serve the gods of light and views them with great distrust. She however, will grudgingly admit that the light dragons have many a time help the cause of good, when they can be roused to action.

The fey she feels nothing but contempt and hatred, them and their vile worshipers. Seeing their faithful prostrate themselves for something she sees as nothing more then accidents of creation, more demiurges then true divinity, disgusts and enrages her as little else can. She would have them all put to the sword if given the chance, her eagerness to destroy what the gods decree as heresy sometimes over clouding her judgment.

The only soft spot, if it can be viewed as such, is held by her mortal family. Falling in love with a sun elf paladin of her goddess, she was quick to answer any and all calls for assistance or knowledge he put forth in assistance of Vorishin. Before she knew it she was allowing him to summon her to Thary to assist him even in combat. Shortly after, they were wed. She bore him on son before returning to the heavenly hosts and have watched over the family ever since, only ever hiding away on the day her husband died in combat.

She was unhappy with her great great granddaughters wedding to an angel of Rynitia’s descendants (viewing it as possibly weakening their resolve to have such a peace lovers blood in her descendants veins), but gave her blessing for the union as it would help introduce more holy blood to continue the tradition of holy warriors her blood line would produce.


Adventures in Thary Kaean