Opiter Pullo Planta

Shyr's older brother


A tall slender sun elf stands before you, sword drawn and pointed at you neck, his pure golden eyes showing barely constrained contempt. From his back spread white feathered wings, held aloft and lending to his regal bearing.
“So brother, this is the company I find you in? Fitting for a disgraced and fallen cleric. You, and all your…friends are under arrest. And by all means, please, resist. I would enjoy nothing more then scouring clean our family blood.”


Opiter is Shyr’s older brother, a half celestial sun elf and fourth oldest of Shyr’s family. A mid ranking member of the Ovedian military, family interference and combat skill had him reassigned to help guard the city as the march of war gets closer. Although he despises the duty, seeing it as a cowards station, he does his job as is expected of him all the while petitioning to be allowed to go to the front lines to battle the Eyvar and convert them by sword.
His relationship with his family is strained, even more so with Shyr. While the whole family see’s his lessened celestial heritage as shame, Opiter seems to view it more as a personal insult to the family and utterly despises his youngest sibling. He is of the opinion that Shyr should have been revoked of the family name at birth or should die in combat childless, to regain his own honor and to better the family standing without further diluting the celestial blood that runs so strongly in the rest of the family.

Opiter Pullo Planta

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