Mettius Paesentius Maltinus


A middle aged halfling gazes over a pair of glasses at the group. Before clapping his hands together and spreading them wide.

“I have heard much much about you and your adventures. Fighting through Dnaleri, that daring escape onto a pirate ship, finding rumors of war-forged in the capitals own sewers. Discovering a serial killer and stopping her for good? Stumbling onto a nest of vampires and living? Even transporting a troop of halflings…Oh! I’m not supposed to know about that! forgive me forgive me, sometimes in my age and haste get ahead of myself.”

Mettius is an older halfling, seeming to be a fairly well respected scholar and noble in the city of Istrus. Mettius is an expert in all things Zheechdrain and has a vested interest in collecting remains of the ancient empire. He is one of a few who still believe in the war-forged and would like if some remains of them could be collected. In this endeavor he is willing to hire and fund the party to have them go to what he believes to be a Zheechdrain ruin that may have survived and even prospered long after the Deluge destroyed their civilization. With this knowledge he has been eager to set up an expedition to the city of Dheg Kuldir and is more then happy to pay the party and equip them if they require it. Within reason of course. He promises rewards if they bring back anything of value as well, and the promise of more work should they be interested.

Mettius Paesentius Maltinus

Adventures in Thary Kaean