Illyrie is an angel in the service of Rynitia, and also Shy’s great great great great grandfather on his father’s side. He is a kind and gentle being, taking to heart the teachings of his goddess and doing what he can to inspire her followers to care for all creatures of the world, and to help them on their way to pure goodness.

He fell in love with a mortal woman when a great plague struck the land, a sun elf druid of the seelie fey, she refused to abandon a small village that had come down with a disastrous plague that was quickly ravishing the settlement. While she attempted to cure the ill and dying, she risked contracting the illness and yet refused to falter, caring for them as best she could.

When the inevitable happened and she caught the illness, he beseeched his goddess to allow him to go down and cure her. Knowing that her follower had fallen in love with the elven druid, she agreed, under the promise that he would not reveal his true form to her. Agreeing quickly, he left right away, taking the form of a human cleric, and took her in his arms while the fever raged.

Armed even with the might of heaven, it took three days and three nights before he was able to flush the disease from her system. the whole time he fed her, washed her, and aided her in everything. When the fever finally broke on the fourth day, the druid watched as her guardian took care of her. While at first distrustful of the appearingly human cleric, he made no movements to judge her faith and only spoke of his gratitude and amazement that in the thick of illness and death she had never wavered, only pressed on to save as many as she could.

Soon, while helping her recover from her illness the druid came to fall in love with her savior and the two were wed, first in her grove and then in his church. The had a child a few years later after settling down from a life of travel, when Illyrie’s human form began to weaken. The druid was shocked to suddenly give birth to a winged daughter.

Questioning her husband he sadly said that all her questions would be answered one day. That day came to quickly. Now old and slow, while out walking with his daughter, Illyrie collapsed. His daughter carried him as best she could to the shade of a tree and sat with him in his final moments. There he explained everything and gave his daughter a note, telling her to give it to her mother. After handing her the note, his angelic self was forced from the mortal body for breaking his word to Rynitia. A few moments later, his body died.

His goddess did not punish him for his transgression, understanding why he had done what he did, and allowed him to watch over his family from on high. When his wife finally passed at the end of her life, he waited for her. And waited. And waited. Finally he asked Rynitia where she was. The goddess regretfully informed her servant that despite being a healer and a guardian of life in the truest sense of the word, as a druid, her soul belonged to the few wild and would never come to the heavens. They would be apart forever more.

With pain and anguish in his heart, Illyrie made his mortal descendants his focus, and watched over them as fervently as he did his wife and daughter. To this day he watches over them all, for the first time having more then a parent and a child, as his great great great grandson had seven children with the decedent of Pyriel.


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