Grateam Emberforged


Grateam is the patriarch of the Emberforged family and the owner of the Silver River mine. He has little to do with the day to day operation of the mines anymore but tends to be more concerned that one of his children be able to take over it from him in due time. In pursuit of this dream he tends to push his work off on one of the children and gives little if any advice.

Ever since the passing of his wife, this old dwarf tends to be more on the melancholy side then most metal dwarves. He does have a soft side for young women, especially spirited ones who remind him of his late wife in her youth. He can sometimes be spotted in his garden, one of the few dwarves of the city who seems to enjoy the warmth of the sun on his skin.

Still he is as short tempered as any dwarf and does not suffer fools well. He does not respond to flattery well either, and prefers people being blunt and honest with him. He does have a small issue with Oveda, though more with the view of finding his kings submission to a short lived human emperor an embarrassment to dwarves everywhere. Still, he cannot deny the prosperity that the dealings with Oveda has brought them.


Grateam Emberforged

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