Cnaeus Balventius Saunio

Middle noble of Oveda


higher noble of Oveda, dresses himself in finery and riches, though is not simply a decadent imbiber of wealth, Cnaeus has been growing more and more unhappy with the power the churches have over Ovedian government. He has been slowly gaining support with some of the merchants of the upper and lower ring, and with many of the poorer people in the lower ring. He wants a division of power between the church and the government, seeing what seems to be large amounts of hypocrisy and corruption in the upper branches of the senate and emperors palace.

As of yet, nothing he has been doing or saying has been illegal, though he is smarter then to assume his unpopular ideas would let him be left unmolested by law enforcement, which just proves to him that someone wants him out of the way.


Cnaeus Balventius Saunio

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