Adventures in Thary

Etir's Interim-shuns

Ha. Get it?

Etir is aware that he playing D&D. Etir is deadpool. We know this.

Enclosed is what has occurred in the interim since the party’s last adventure.

At approximately time o’clock, the universe was temporarily clusterfucked right in the knee anus. Etir is aware that the DM, or grand wizard but less racist, had yet another concussion so he wasn’t surprised when the food beverage he was thought-hugging suddenly developed a far-right opinion about mid 80’s noir films.

In the brief discussion Etir had with this food beverage Etir seriously contemplated extreme acts of modern terrorism directed at Ben Affleck’s self-esteem, but, like a male playboy wearing a fannypack, it doesn’t exist.

Etir was also dimly aware that the class Deacon was in was also very boring.




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