Adventures in Thary

Adventures as of 12-13-15

Holing up in the hidden room for the night, the party begins to rest and prepare for the coming day. Throughout the night the sound of skittering claws on the rocks outside but nothing seems to find its way into the chamber. However all is not normal during the night as Steve, Etir’s harp guitar seems to start floating over him and the strings start merging with Etir’s flesh.

Come morning Etir has been completely subsumed and replaced with another entity seemingly named Varren. He explains that his existence and usurping of Etir’s body is an agreement between the two to help keep Etir alive and to help give him some relief from the creatures that are setting off some of the psychological scars in his mind.

While leaving the room the party finds one of the creatures. It hisses at them and seems to begin to run before the party obliterates it with extreme prejudice, leaving nothing left of the body. Moving deeper into these cursed caves the party begins to hear draconic being spoken by mysterious voices. Meepo explains the party needs to get passed them to get deeper and that there is a very dangerous underground river rushing through that would most likely drown any who fall into it.

Finding the goblinoids the seem to be wearing armor made of the war forged and right away begin to fight the party. They are dispatched with a brief struggle and one of them taken captive. When questioned all he says at first is that he will one day be the master of all of them before Varren rips his way into the creatures mind to obtain the information inside. When asked about the city in the caves the creature lies and says that they built it, to which Varren replies by breaking his finger. Shyr and Draka right away protest to the torture of the prisoner and Varren apologizes.

The torture works however as it tells them they found the city and made it their own, using what resources had been found there to make weapons and armor and Varren painlessly exacutes the creature by snapping its neck.

Getting to the river the party crosses it by way of spell and Varren asks Meepo if they have to retreat if he could freeze the river for a bridge, to which Meepo sheepishly says he would try…



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