Adventures in Thary

Adventures as of 1-17-16

The party, after weeks of travel, come to the town of Leptis Magna, a farming community that seems peaceful and calm. The farmers are in their fields tending to their livestock and crops and wave cheerfully to the party as they walk past, happy to see some new faces as they move towards the walls. The walls are made more of sloped dirt then stone, and the entryway has no gate but is guarded. However, even from outside the walls the party can see the church of Vita standing tall on a hill in the center of town made of stone.

As they approach the gate the guards ask what their business is here and they say they are looking for a family reunion of sorts with Zarik’s father. A quick glance at the necromancer and the guards say he doesn’t look familiar but they wish him luck and cheerfully step back and let the party into town. Filing in one after the other, they look around the simple houses and shops. As they begin walking through they reach a crossroads, one of many leading straight to the church and standing in the center of the road is a figure under a white sheet.

They approach the figure and try to get its attention, Draka going so far as to poke it. Although it is fleshy and yields to the pressure, it is cold and unresponsive to the touch. Saneic looks over the sheet and declares the absence of traps, though they are all still off put by it. Questioning many of the villagers who do not seem concerned by it, they learn that bodies of the dead have been returning from the grave and simply standing and staring at the church of Vita. They do not seem to harm anyone or even do anything other than stare in rapt attention, ignoring everything else around them. The head of the church, Farther Noka, will be along shortly to bring the creature to its final resting place.

Shortly after, the elderly man approaches and sees the party standing there, asking them what they are doing to the poor creature. The party merely states they were walking into town when they came upon it and stopped to see what was going on. Father Noka explains that he is going to come and put the creature to rest in the graveyard, Etir asking how exactly he plans on doing that and hinting at fully dismembering the corpse. Noka, alarmed at the violent reaction to the simple creature and explain no, he is merely going to put it down quickly. Asking about Zarik’s father, Noka says he has no idea, but to try going to the Bold Hawk’s Hall, the largest inn in town and says they might find information there. He then takes a longer look at Zarik and says that the wizard may be interesting in the wizard enclave, Astrological Silver.

The party, mostly because of Etir’s almost panicked rushing to it, choose to go to the inn first. The bar is mostly empty save for the sun elf barkeep, a human man, a moon elf woman, and two metal dwarf men. Saneic making note that none of these people resemble Zarik. Approaching the barkeep, they begin asking him questions when he notices Shar. Asking if the druid is a follower of Shenora the nature goddess, she stammers and tries to claim she is, but the barkeeps eyes narrow as they realize he knows she is lying. Etir, taking the initiative, comes between them and asks about playing in the bar tonight and if there are any openings. Thumbing through a book, he notes there are no acts tonight and offers Etir a free room if he performs well.

Zarik then asks about his parents, and the barkeep turns his attention to him. However, he manages to see Zarik’s horns small as they may be. Etir jumps in again and mentions that they are fake as Zairk is part of his act. The barkeep is hesitant but nods, allowing the explanation. He then explains that while he doesn’t know anything about Zarik’s folks, he did hear that someone looking something like Zarik had come into town recently, noting that he isn’t sure if it was an older fellow and that he had a hard time telling how the younger races aged since they all seemed to just suddenly turn all. Shar makes a dry comment in her mind to which Etir groans at and turns away, moving to the moon elf woman in the corner.

The human man by the bar introduces himself as Primus and offers to help the group search for the stranger in town. He mentions that he has to go back to work soon at the farm but says that around sun down he will be back at the bar and able to help them out. Etir, over by the woman, notices she is staring at Primus intently, and Khyber goes over to her as she notices Etir and introduces herself.

The woman shakes Khyber’s hand quickly before letting go, reminding the party of a small frightened bird and introduces herself as Ríoghnach. It doesn’t take much prodding before she tells Khyber about her feelings for Primus as Shar and Saneic join them. The three women offer to help her get Primus’ attention, as the woman has been unable to simply come out and say that she has feelings for him. Saneic even going so far as to use her sending stone to ask Gamer if he has any insight. The startled thief sends back a flustered response saying how every relationship is different and that he does not have much dealings in these matters.

While Etir tells the girl that he will put on a performance that will sure to sway him to Ríoghnach, a group of people all wearing robes walks into the inn, talking amongst themselves of the stranger messing up the lessons and taking up all the headmistresses time. The party then sets a time to meet Primus at the inn and heads off to the Enclave to ask about this stranger.

When they get to the open air teaching spot, they are only greeted by the sight of the empty desk, several empty benches, and a single elderly moon elf relaxing on a bench. Zarik asks the man about his parents and the letter he received and merely states that there is an abandoned house outside of town that is certainly somewhat interesting to adventurers like them.

Before setting out for the house, the group decides to have lunch and quickly calls forth a hero’s feast. While eating the meal and discussing what to do next, Shar spots someone watching them from the tree line. The person is draped head to toe in cloth, obscuring any and all details about them. Shar writes this down on a piece of paper and, Etir taking the note and folding it into a paper bird and throwing it around so other people can read it without it appearing odd.

Khyber takes this distraction to get up and sneak away with Amren, going around and behind the figure and having Amren tackle the stranger. The group hears the snarls of a wolf and the piercing scream of a woman as they all shoot up and run for the woods, Shar shifting into the shape of a wolf on the way.

While pinned down by Amren, the girl looks at Zarik and confuses him for someone else, asking him ‘Malexik, what are you doing he…’ before trailing off and saying she had confused him for someone else. She asks Khyber if the wolf will let her up, to which she does and the girl stands up as a ball of light starts circling her head. She examines Zarik, and then Boney, turning to Shyr and asking the cleric how he can be ok with the skeleton as the party notices the holy symbol of Vita on her and mentions the demon lord of the undead Viorun.

When the topic of Zarik’s family comes up she gets skittish, saying she doesn’t want to talk where people may be around, even refusing to talk in a magically made zone of silence that Etir could make. While questioning her about her intentions, the orb of light turns into a Coure, a celestial pixie like creature and says that the girl is trustworthy, and the group agrees to meet with her the next day where she will take them to meet her brother and they will explain.

Khyber, having vanished from the group at this point starts tailing her, along with Shar in the form of a cat as they two meet up having had the same idea. They arrive at the abandoned house outside of town and watch the girl go in, Shar sneaking in through a loose board on one of the windows. Khyber attempts to get in through the door but sees the door is trapped and instead gets in through the window, gently knocking the board out of place and getting in just as Shar turns into a rat and goes under the closed door out of the room, as she casts a spell to speak with animals.

As Shar sneaks into the new room, she hears the woman talking to someone for a few moments before something grabs her and hauls her into the air by her tail, in a panic calling for Khyber for help and the ranger kicks the door down, greeted by a man in armor and a cloak holding a sword to the rats belly. Khyber attempts to tell the two that she was tracking a bounty and just happened to stumble across them by accident, but the girl recognizes her and states flatly that they had a deal, prompting Khyber to secretly tell Amren to go get the group.

Shar, in the middle of tense negotiations, finally returns to elven form and the four begin to converse tersely. The two strangers mention that they are in fact hunting a death cult that is in the town and Shar and Khyber notice two holy symbols around the man’s neck, one from Shenora and the other from Botuna, goddess of good luck. He even pulls on the holy symbol around Shar’s neck and makes note of her being a druid of the fey lords. As the two discuss what to do with the two interlopers Khyber and Shar mention that Amren is now on his way back to the party. In an attempt to keep them party from bursting in ready for a fight, they agree to let Shar go and explain what she can, keeping Khyber here with them as a show of good faith that they will not betray and kill the two strangers, and Shar flies off in the shape of an owl.

Back at the Bold Hawk’s Hall, Etir seems to manage getting Primus and Ríoghnach together with his bardic talents setting the mood. As Etir is performing however, the barkeep gives Zarik a letter, one seemingly from his father again. This one is warning him of two tieflings in town hunting him, a ranger and a sorcerer, and that they are extremely dangerous. As Zarik shows the rest of the party the letter, Amren bursts in and pounces on Shyr who wryly greets the wolf. Amren looks back and forth quickly from Shyr and Saneic, barking and making a commotion, prompting the barkeep to remind them of the deal that Armen could only stay so long as he behaved. As they are leaving the bar with the excited wolf to try and calm him down they bump into Shar who had transformed in an alleyway and quickly explains what has happened in hushed tones. Amren has had enough however, and begins rushing off back to the house to his master as the party gives chase.

When they get to the house several moments later, the two strangers and Khyber hear Amren slamming into the door in desperation. The man holds his sword to Khyber’s neck, telling her to control the animal. She tells him if she loses her head, he’ll lose one of his own and he looks down to see her rapier against his crotch. The girl, having had enough of the two of them arguing, pushes them apart and goes to the door to talk to the guests. As soon as the door is opened however, Amren bursts into the house past the girl with Etir holding on, trying to stop the massive wolf and failing.

The girl stands angrily at the door, arms crossed and stating they had a deal again, Draka taking the time to apologize and explain they had been betrayed more often than not. Sighing, the girl nods and steps back, allowing the party entry. Saneic does a quick sweep with her eyes and notes nothing is trapped from what she can tell, as they file into an old indoor garden room. The two strangers explain slightly what they are doing in town and Zarik shows them the letter he got. With a swear, the man says that they know him and the girl are coming for them, as the girl turns to the party and asks them to trust her and the man for just a moment. The man takes his time sniffing at the party and then shaking his head at the girl, telling her they are free from taint.

She then turns to Zarik and asks him to drop his hood again, to which with a slightly exasperated sigh he complies. Saneic then asks them to show the party their faces and tell them their names. The girl removes the wraps of cloth from her face, revealing a small slight girl with dusky red skin, red eyes, blue hair, a pair of goat ears, and small pointed horns on her forehead as she introduces herself as Zanirith. The man lowers his hood, showing his face. Despite the blue skin, white hair, and jet black eyes, he is a mirror image of Zarik. Zanirith turns to him and tells him ‘Malexik, I think he may be our brother.’

Zarik mentions he was an only child, before the party reminds him that he himself said both his parents were fully human. Zanirith says she thinks that they may have the same father, Farzule, who they think may be the head of a cult to Viorun. Khyber mentions that she is now very glad she didn’t maim Malexik, to which he chuckles and agrees.

The two siblings turn to Zarik and ask if he would be willing to kill their father to help stop the schemes of the cult, Zarik stating he would have no issues to killing a figure who has never been involved in his life anyway. With a warm happy smile, Zanirith asks Zarik how old he is, and learning that he is 23, turns to Malexic and states ‘Well now you finally have a younger sibling.’



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